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Self-Paced Learning
Focusing on assignments that are longer term with clear milestones and reporting points is important. The Course Documents module allows students to download course material and class descriptions, syllabu and other documents. Students can work at their own pace while teachers track assignments. The Homework module allows teachers to assign work and set deadlines by date. Links to course documents and external resources can also be included.

Consistent Contact with Students
Checking in with students regularly (telephone calls, emails, chat messages, etc) provides students with a sense of belonging to the school community. The E-Mail-Out and Homework modules enable clear communication with parents and students on a regular basis.

My Marks Online
MyMarks is a web-based gradebook system for teachers, hosted by Harts Systems Ltd. It is a stand-alone system designed to make it easy for teachers to enter end-of-term marks, and keep track of their own homework assignments, tests, class work and exams.

Using MyMarks, teachers can setup mark columns for homework, tests, quizzes, class work, exams, or anything they want. Columns can be weighted and averaged automatically to calculate the overall mark.



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